Consultation and Advice

We offer free consultations and advice regarding a wide variety of situations involving small animals at no cost, just send us an e-mail and ask! We respond to most e-mails within 24 hours, most within the same day, and we are more then happy to share our advice and experiences with you.

Thinking of adding a small animal to your life? We can offer you honest, detailed insight on how a particular species might fit into your lifestyle and what the real care dedication would be. We are happy to invite you to our main adoption outpost by appointment and will gladly give you an opportunity to have hands on learning time with a wide variety of species. We can give you demonstrations on nail clipping, grooming, daily care, health check-ups, and answer any questions about pet ownership you might have.

Having a behavioral problem with a current pet? We can offer you objective, situation specific ideas for solving a behavioral problem with your pets. We've been there and done it with a variety of animals and situations and can generally offer you personal experience. If not, we're happy to refer you to other information resources that might help you and your pet find your solution.

Do you have medical questions? We cannot replace the experience of a qualified vet, nor diagnose any conditions as we are not licensed veterinary practitioners. However, we can offer advice for minor medical issues, preventative care, home remedies in certain circumstances and ways to keep your pet comfortable until you can get them to a qualified vet.

Do you know of an animal in distress? We can help guide you through the process of contacting animal control and the proper authorities if you believe an animal is being subjected to abuse.

Did we miss something here? Don't hesitate to ask, the worst that can happen is we'll try and refer you to someone more qualified to answer your questions!

Please note: We are not qualified behaviorists or veterinarians, we've just been through the gauntlet with just about every species and we are happy to share information and resources that we feel will be helpful.

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