The Junkyard Bunnies - A Rabbit Rescue

In August of 2008, a woman visiting a junk yard in the East Bay Area came across a group of rabbits living in filthy conditions. After talking to the owners and leaving them information on rabbit care, she was contacted the following day by a concerned worker at the junk yard who told her that there was a sick rabbit there...and that the rabbit was about to have babies.

It would later be found out that the owners had found 40 dead baby rabbits who had been born on the property. A combination of exposure, poor diet and toxicity from the rabbits ingesting parts of a walnut tree growing in the area caused multiple birth problems and health problems in the adult rabbits as well.

A plea was posted online by the woman who originally found the bunnies to see if there was anyone that might be able to help get those bunnies out of the junk yard, and get them much needed medical help. These bunnies were living in a barren area littered with rusted nails and broken glass, exposed to the elements and possibly chemicals from the cars in the junk yard. Early visitors mentioned that there was no hay or rabbit food available when the bunnies were first found.

On August 30th, several animal lovers from the Bay Area converged on the junk yard to trap and remove all of the rabbits on the property. A volunteer from North Star Rescue was on site at the junk yard, and removed five rabbits who were immediately placed into our foster program. Several other individuals pitched in to help and removed several rabbits into care at private homes. One heavily pregnant female and one very sick male rabbit were removed by another individual, and surrendered that night to the Martinez Animal Shelter as a euthanasia request.

At the shelter, the male rabbit surrendered had to be euthanised for medical reasons. The pregnant female rabbit gave birth to several babies who, unfortunately, had no chance at survival due to medical problems and had to be euthanized as well. Thanks to the care and support of the Martinez Animal Shelter and a volunteer from the House Rabbit Society, the female rabbit surrendered has a second chance and is currently undergoing medical treatment at one of North Star Rescue's foster homes.

Case Update
The junkyard bunnies were successfully rescued, rehabilitated and moved into the rescue program to await adoption.

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