The Emergency Shelter at Andy's Pet Shop in San Jose

The Emergency Rat Shelter is located at Andy's Pet Shop at 51 Notre Dame Avenue in San Jose. Andy's Pet Shop recently relocated from their old location on The Alameda in San Jose after it was purchased from the former owners by Lissa and Eric Shoen, who decided to discontinue selling live animals and instead convert the space into the Adoption Center at Andy's Pet Shop, a center where rescue groups and shelters could feature their adoptable animals.

The emergency shelter at Andy's Pet Shop includes several areas, including the main rat housing area, a dedicated medical room, an intake hall, a medical ward and a maternity ward. The space currently holds approximately 400 cages housing over 1,000 rats who are receiving care and socialization while they wait for adoption.

Adoptions will open at Andy's Pet Shop on December 5th, when the youngest females who could not have gotten pregnant and many of the male rats will be made available for adoption to the public. Andy's will remain open for adoptions for the rats seven days a week, and will be the central location for rats to be picked up and transported to rescues and adopters across the US.

Once the rats have been adopted out, the Adoption Center at Andy's Pet Shop will be re-opening and will once again provide comfortable housing for dozens of adoptable animals of ALL species rescued from shelters in the Bay Area.