A special thanks to the many people who joined our rescue to give a happy ending to almost 2,000 needy pet rats. We would like to send a special thanks to some of the groups and individuals that have made the rescue effort for over 1,000 rats from the hoarding case possible.

We would like to thank the Emergency Services team from The Humane Society of the United States, whose emergency services team provided immense support during the planning stages of the rescue, helped us secure the cages and equipment needed to set up the emergency rat shelter, set up the freight transport for the first intake of rats from the property, has helped support the medical needs of hundreds and hundreds of needy rats, and sent a crew of specialists to assist with the removal of the rats from the property. The Humane Society of the United States continues to help support us remotely even while they continue to save animals from other crisis situations.Thanks also to Troy Snell from the Lancaster Shelter in Los Angeles, who donated his time and assistance during the removal of the rats from the property with the rest of the team, and to Pam Whitfield who drove the freight truck carrying the rats from the hoarding property to the emergency shelter in San Jose.

Thanks to United Animal Nations, who sent a crew of volunteers to help set up cages at the emergency shelter. Not only did the team build hundreds of cages, help us set up a sick bay, maternity room, medical room, and organize supplies, but they worked hands on for the week they stayed with us to help care for the rats on a daily basis and make sure that the shelter was set up to run successfully once they departed to save animals in other situations. Their experience in setting up a safe haven for animals coming out of crisis situations helped us set up a one-of-a-kind shelter just for the rats.

Thanks to Petsmart Charities Emergency Relief program, which donated a huge amount of equipment including over 100 cages for rats, a huge amount of Carefresh bedding, food bowls, water bottles, chew sticks, rat hammocks and everything we needed to build a safe environment for the rats from this hoarding case. Visit target="_blank">Petsmart Charities to learn more about the services they provide to animals in critical need.

Thanks to the entire crew at Andy's Pet Shop, who provided the space for the Emergency Rat Shelter to operate. Not only has Andy's given the rats a safe place to stay, but their entire staff have devoted a huge amount of time to helping us care for the rats, train our volunteer crew, supervise the shelter operations and help rat adopters connect with the needy rats waiting for homes. For years before this rescue effort, Andy's also helped place hundreds of animals from rescues and sheltrs, including ours, through their one-of-a-kind adoption center serving all species of animals who needed help.

Thanks to Dr. Carolynn Harvey of the Chabot Veterinary Clinic in Hayward, who has donated an enormous amount of time to help set up the medical protocol for the rats arriving at the shelter, and who continues to supervise the medical care for the injured and sick rats who arrived at the shelter. With Dr. Harvey's help, hundreds of sick and injured rats have made a full recovery and will have a chance at a long and happy life.

Thanks to the A&E Network, who provided funding to have the concrete flooring sealed at Andy's Pet Shop before we moved in with our cages and equipment so that the rat shelter could be kept clean and sanitary, which will in turn enable Andy's Pet Shop to open up their Adoption Center and continue to help save the lives of hundreds of animals from Bay Area Shelters and Rescues who find homes with their help.

Thanks to Dr. Lynn McEwan of the Palmdale Veterinary Hospital, who was on site at the hoarding location for two days to assist with medical care and triage support while the bulk of the rats were removed from the hoarding property. During the two long days of the initial rat removal, Dr. McEwan helped us stabilize the rats who would be making a trip, and provided a humane euthanasia for the animals suffering on the property who were beyond saving. His calm deameanor and compassion helped our team get through a very difficult time.

Thanks to Outdora.com, an online store specializing in outdoor decor and accents who assisted with the rescue by providing greenhouse heaters that are used to keep special areas of the rat shelter warmer and more comfortable for our medical patients and the maternity ward. The Outdora Showroom in Sonoma also supplied computer equipment and video equipment to enable our team to make the first scouting trip to the hoarding location to help us get a better idea of how to best remove the rats from the home.

Thanks to Drusilla of The Illustrated Rat, who offered one of her amazing rat paintings up for auction and donated the profit to help the rats from the hoarding case. You can see more of her wonderful rat images online by visiting The Illustrated Rat.

Thanks to the Rats Rule! Forum on Goosemoose, whose many wonderful members have come to volunteer at the shelter, have sent in letters of support, have sent donations of rat supplies, and who always provide a wonderful resource and community for rat lovers everywhere.

Thanks to Noni's Hammocks, who has generously offered to fund a project to make a box of 12 hammocks for the shelter rats for $12! Noni's Hammocks makes hammocks for rats at rescue groups for a very low cost, a wonderful way of enriching the habitats much appreciated by the rats!

Thanks to Photographer Ari, who has volunteered time to take some amazing pictures of the rats at the shelter that will be made into rat calendars for sale to help benefit all of the rescue rats. You can check out some of Ari's great rat pictures on Redbubble.

We would also like to thank all of the people who donated money, rat food, toys, cages and their time at the rat shelter in San Jose. There are so many people who came forward to assist with this case, and we could have never done it without you!