North Star Rescue - Pet Adoption Agreement

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Animal Name:­_________________________________Age:_______________
Species:____________________ Gender: M / F Spayed/Neutered?: Yes / No
Distinguishing Markings:___________________________________________
Additional Notes:_________________________________________________

Adopter’s Name:_________________________________________

City:________________________ State:_______ Zip:___________

E-mail Address:____________________Phone #:(__)_____-_____

I/We the above named person and/or persons, hereinafter referred to as the “adopter”, agree to adopt this animal, known hereinafter as a “pet”, and release North Star Rescue and it’s directors, volunteers and associates jointly and severally from all claims for personal injury and/or property damage to myself or others associated with this adoption. In consideration of an adoption fee in the amount of $_______, the adopter acknowledges and further agrees to these provisions.

Home Care: The welfare of this pet is the sole responsibility of the adopter. The adopter agrees that this pet will be housed indoors only, and will be provided quality food, clean water, and a safe, suitably sized and sanitary habitat to live in. The adopter agrees to keep the pet’s housing at a safe climate that will not cause medical distress to the pet.

Veterinary Care: The Adopter understands that, unless otherwise disclosed, this animal was recognized to be healthy at the time of its adoption. The adopter agrees to take the pet to a qualified and licensed veterinarian and will arrange for immediate veterinary care in the event of an illness or injury during the animal’s lifetime.

Breeding: The adopter understands that under no circumstance is any pet adopted from North Star Rescue to be allowed to reproduce or breed. The adopter further understands and agrees that if the animal is ever bred, North Star Rescue reserves the right to reclaim the adopted animal and its offspring, and agrees to pay a surrender fee of $10 for each animal claimed by the rescue in this fashion.

Conduct of Pet: The Adopter understands that no one can predict how a pet will react in a new situation, and will exercise prudence and caution in handling this animal and introducing them to other humans or pets until the pet has become fully adjusted to its new environment. North Star Rescue can make no guarantees, express or implied, about the suitability of any animal for any person or situation.

Other Uses: The adopter agrees that this pet will not be used for feeding other animals or humans, fighting, medical or experimentation purposes. The adopter agrees that this pet will be nothing other then a house pet, companion and family member.

Transfer of Ownership: The ownership and responsibility for this pet belongs solely to the adopter. However, if the adopted can no longer keep this pet or provide it with adequate care, the adopter agrees to contact North Star Rescue and give the rescue an opportunity to find another home for this pet. This pet shall NOT be sold, given to, or adopted to anyone else, nor shall there be any transfer of ownership without express written permission from North Star Rescue. It is understood and agreed that if, at any point during the animal’s life, the adopter is unable to provide a home for them they may return the pet to North Star Rescue at no cost to them.

Repossession: The adopter understands that in the event that he/she/they do not follow the terms of this agreement, or that they neglect or abuse the pet, that North Star Rescue or another animal authority has the right to take possession of the pet. The adopter agrees to pay North Star Rescue any and all expenses, including but not limited to incurred Veterinary fees

Health Guarantee: North Star Rescue provides a 14 day health guarantee for all animals adopted from the rescue against pre-existing medical conditions, not inclusive to injuries or illnesses contracted while in the adopter’s care. The adopter agrees that if there is a health concern within the first 14 days of adoption that they will immediately contact North Star Rescue to return the animal for treatment. The adopter agrees and will be responsible for transporting the animal back to North Star Rescue. The adopter further understands that North Star Rescue will provide a reasonable amount of medical treatment, and reserves the right to euthanize animals if treatment is not available or the animal is determined to be suffering without a chance for a reasonable recovery.

Trial Period: Pets adopted from North Star Rescue are considered to be adopted on a trial basis to last 14 days. During this period of time if the adopter does not feel that the animal is a suitable match, they may return the animal to North Star Rescue for a refund of the adoption fee paid, not including transport costs. If the adopter is not able to return the pet to North Star Rescue, they will be responsible for costs incurred by North Star Rescue to pick up and return the animal. If at any point past the 14 day trial period the adopter wishes to return the pet, they may do so at no cost, but will not be eligible for a refund of their adoption fee.

Quarantine: North Star Rescue holds all animals entering the rescue for a minimum of 14 days, during which period they are monitored for signs of communicable diseases. Animals are made available for adoption at North Star Rescue only following this 14 day quarantine period if no symptoms of illness have been displayed. It is recommended that the adopter follow an additional quarantine process before introducing the adopted pet to any current household pets, including but not limited to housing the animal in a separate room, washing hands in-between handling the pet and other animals, and not allowing animals to share potentially contaminated surfaces.

North Star Rescue has provided the best information it is able to provide about the pet and the adopted accepts responsibility for this pet based on the information available at the time of this agreement. The adopter agrees that it will not hold North Star Rescue responsible for errors provided in the information about this pet. The adopter understands that any rescue only knows information left by a previous owner, and very little in the case of stray animals, and that North Star Rescue has done it’s best to disclose any known information about the animal, it’s temperament and health status during it’s time at the rescue or known health status before arriving at the rescue.

By signing, I agree that I have read, understand, and agreed to the above agreement.

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