This rat needs your help!

North Star Rescue has been working on another rat hoarding case involving over 300 domestic pet rats who were rescued from a neglect situation when their original owner was forced to give them up after the home they shared together was condemned. The rats, who had never been gender seperated and were living in horrible conditions, were moved to another private home with a rat lover who reached out to us for help. We have been working to remove the rats in batches and get the situation stable, but we are now at full capacity and can't do it without your help! We have currently removed over 100 rats from this situation, many of which are ready for adoption now. We have an opportunity to get 10 of these rats spayed or neutered mid-February but need to raise $500 before February 15th to make this happen. Click Here for our ChipIn Page to help contribute to our rat neuter fundraiser! or Click Here to Read More.

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