North Star Rescue offers two programs to owners who can no longer keep their small animals under their care: Placement Assistance and Owner Surrenders. Please note that these programs are only available to individual owners who have personal pets they can no longer keep. If you are a breeder, intentionally bred your animals to produce more, are a broker or are otherwise affiliated with the sale of animals, you will not be eligible to participate in a Placement Assistance Program or surrender your animal to North Star Rescue. We are also unable to accept wild rodents or wild hybrids at our rescue.

Please note that due to space constraints, North Star Rescue is unable to accept the surrender of rabbits under any circumstances. We no longer offer any services for Pet Rabbits at our rescue and recommend that you contact The House Rabbit Society for more information about finding a home for your rabbit.

Placement Assistance Program
If you can no longer provide a home to your small animals, North Star Rescue offers Placement Assistance services to help you find your small pet a new home. Placement Assistance is a program for owners who can keep their small animal for any length of time and assist with the process of finding them a new home. While enrolled in the Placement Assistance program, owners are expected to continue to care for their small animals in their home and meet with potential adopters until a suitable match in a new home is found for their pets.

To help owners while they seek a new home for their pet, North Star Rescue offers the following services:

  • Advice on screening new potential homes
  • Referral of potential adopters in your area
  • Advice and consultations for prospective adopters, support for both parties after the adoption

There is no fee to participate in the Placement Assistance program. Owners who enroll their pets in the Placement Assistance program may request to surrender their animal to North Star Rescue if space becomes available in the rescue, and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible to use our Placement Assistance program:

  • You must be located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Your pet(s) must be healthy at the time you are placing them up for adoption, or must be receiving treatment for any treatable conditions they have.
  • Female animals must not be pregnant or have a risk of pregnancy at the time you are placing them up for adoption.
  • The animals you list with us must be personally owned animals, and not surplus animals from any breeding program.
  • You must agree that you will not place your animal intentionally with a new owner who plans to breed them.

Owner Surrenders
North Star Rescue accepts owner surrendered animals into our program when space becomes available. Please note that our first priority is rescuing animals at public shelters who will be euthanized for lack of space, medical or behavioral issues. This means that owner surrenders are accepted when extra room becomes available at the rescue, and cannot be guaranteed. If you wish to surrender an animal to our rescue, you must be able to surrender your animal at an approved rescue location. Please note that not all of our locations are able to accept animal surrenders and you may need to bring your animal to our flagship store in Pacifica, CA in order to surrender. We will notify you if there is an approved location for you to surrender closer to your city when space becomes available.

North Star Rescue does not charge a surrender fee for animals who are not seniors, healthy and free of major behavioral problems at the time of surrender. Surrender fees may be assessed in the following situations:

  • Senior animals who are too old to go up for adoption may require a surrender fee for the expected cost of retirement at the rescue
  • Animals with major behavioral problems may require a surrender fee for the expected cost of food, bedding and medical care for the time it is estimated to rehabilitate them and get them ready for adoption
  • Animals with medical problems may require a surrender fee to help offset the cost of medical treatment

Surrender fees are assessed on a case by case basis, and are generally 50% of the rescue's estimated costs to either retire an animal, or rehabilitate an animal and get it ready for adoption. Surrender fees are waived with any proof of financial assistance from an outside agency (such as Welfare, Food stamps, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: We are receiving a high volume of surrender requests over the holiday season, and our waiting list is currently very long. As of November, 2015, we are currently anticipating a 1-2 month wait time for Guinea Pig Surrenders, a 4-5 month wait time for Rat Surrenders, and we are not able to accept chinchilla surrenders at this time.

Surrender and Placement Assistance Forms

Rat Placement Assistance

Guinea Pig Placement Assistance

Chinchilla Placement Assistance

Hamster Placement Assistance

Mouse Placement Assistance
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